Corporate identity and direct mail design for Kardem Textile

Kardem Textile produces for leading women clothing companies of the world and is within the "most exporting companies” list and became our new customer in 2011. Our cooperative work began with the renewal of the corporate identity and continued with an effective and creative direct mail operation which was designed to be sent to the buyer departments of world brands. While choosing the production companies of the world famous brands, we thought that the deciders are mostly women managers in 30s and 40s and we designed a paper doll game and wrote "Let’s play together” slogan on the cover of the boxes. Paper clothing which are formed by Kardem collections are able to be dressed on the dolls within the box… With this direct mail operation we let the key audience experience their childhood memories once again and we aimed to highlight the Kardem name into their memories. 

September 2011

A spirited conversation on “design” at Farklı Bakış
November 2016
Kemal Molu is Jury Member in Felis Awards 2016
October 2016
Lions Short Film Competition sponsor: Molu Design
January 2016
Farewell to our summer interns
August 2015
Nayman Suites launch campaign
July 2015
Over the bottle designs for Düet Olive Oil
April 2015
New year set for Düet olive oil
December 2014
Corporate identity operation for Likya Farms
May 2014
Double prize from USA for the corporate book we prepared for Boyner
October 2013
A book design in the memory of Söke's 50th year
June 2013
Söke's 50th year campaign
May 2013
Award from France to our 2nd edition book
March 2013
We Gathered Toy Museum with Kardem
January 2013
Designing books is joyous!
October 2012
Book design for Boyner Group employees
September 2012
Creating a new brand: Kontek Duet
June 2012
Special package design of Söke for Migros
February 2012
We shared our 28 years of experience with Kocaeli University students…
January 2012
Kardem website is renewed
December 2011
Corporate identity and direct mail design for Kardem Textile
September 2011
Kontek’s ex-corporate identity is invalid!
June 2011
One more award for Molu Design...
May 2011
Molu design won İMKB’s catalogue design tender
April 2011
First customer from Azerbaijan, Buta Group
December 2010
We were thirsty for some good wine... Vinolus arrived just in time!
December 2010
Package design for traditional breads
November 2010
Moludsgn’s ads are in Skylife
September 2010
GMK Award goes to Söke's Bread Mixture packages..
May 2010
Logotype for Istanbul Stock Exchange’s 25th year
May 2010
The book cover design of Remzi Bookstore's “Health with Diet" book
April 2010
Packages of Söke Bread Mixes were renewed
January 2010
2010 calendar design for Kontek Construction
December 2009
Türk Telekom chose Molu Design for their corporate catalogues
October 2008
Finalist posters are in Krakow Exhibition
July 2007
Now, even little Iranian consumers are able to reach our designs
May 2007
The delicious Jingle of Söke
March 2007
Kemal Molu won the “Qualifiers Award” in Shanghai...
December 2006
Kemal Molu’s poster is amongst the 40 best posters in Iran
November 2006
An award from Turkish Society of Graphic Design for our calendar
June 2006
Moludsgn is in the Print European Design Annual 2005 with its 2 designs
February 2006
Billboards we designed for Tetra Pak are in Tehran streets…
January 2006
Finally the tailor made a suit for himself: Moludsgn Calendar!
December 2005
Söke’s Bread Mixes packages were designed by Moludsgn…
November 2005